In TradeAway-game the player takes control over a Finnish business seeking success abroad. The goal is to make profit by trading internationally while controlling the risks involved!

SME’s export trade has been said to be like doing business with mere luck. Choosing target markets, viable financing terms and right risk-management policies isn’t always as carefully planned as they could be. Credit risks are especially terrifying for small export businesses, and for good reasons! According to research, some SMEs take unnecessary risks, which can lead even to bankruptcy. One solution for helping SMEs to face and tackle fears of credit risks is TradeAway-game, developed by students of Laurea University of Applied Sciences under guidance of international trade finance experts, entrepreneurs and teachers. Learning about international trade has never been this fun!


Tutustu TradeAway:n edeltäjään: pien- ja keskisuurten yritysten vientikaupan riskien hallintaa ja vientisaatavien turvallista kotouttamista käsittelevään opaaseen.

Asiaa vientikaupan tilanteesta yleisesti, sen rahoituksesta  ja pelien käytöstä oppimisen välittäjänä. Viimeisin TradeAway-julkaisu. Sisältää myös oppaan pelaamiseen.

Quick look at games as collaborative tools for learning and education.


  • Quick & easy to approach
  • Easy micro-learning on real life trade skills!
  • Take it with you on PC or Android-tablet
  • Developed by students, consulted by professionals
  • Free to download & play